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Hi Sandy. They all seem to want one thing right out of the gate. I have trust issues.

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A few have tried to own me. My husband knew better than that. My standards are this: treat me with respect. Get to know me before you grope. I am not a Barbie doll. But if the right person took the time to get to know me, they might be surprised. But even the guys who look like Homer Simpson or worse seem to want someone without baggage, without a lifetime of experiences. You want validation for believing that all men are jerks? I get it. Your experiences, though limited, have been pretty similar — men groping, wanting sex right away.

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The good news is that you were married to a man who respected and loved you, all of you — life experiences, baggage and the few extra pounds you mentioned. You were lucky to have had a great marriage.

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It must be difficult to date after being widowed. All men are not jerks.

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Best of luck to you as you embark on this journey of dating in midlife. Keep me posted! Trending Now Week Month. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

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[20/m] My mother is dating a guy my age and it's really weird for me. Any advice on reducing the awkwardness?