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Sex can be a scary topic no matter if you are cis or trans, but it can be especially fraught for trans people who are still on their gender journey. Some trans people might be fearful or anxious about sex and sexual intimacy and all it entails. Think about the kinds of things that you want a sexual partner to know, like what kind of language you use for your body parts, how you want them to treat you and what you want them to do to you.

Derbyshire based Psychotherapist and trans man, Mr DK Green specialises in the areas of gender, sexuality and relationships. DK advises people who are dating someone trans to educate themselves about trans people and the variety of trans experiences. This is so they can get comfortable with talking about the subject. The person could be anywhere on that journey. Not all trans people have the same kind of bodies, or the same kind of feelings about their bodies.

So, although it may feel awkward and uncomfortable at first, talk it out.

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Like using the word front hole rather than vagina — as vagina is such a gendered word. Talking about and having sex can be a source of great anxiety for people, but it can also be lighthearted and fun. Say things like, Hey do you want to talk about words, and language and what you call your junk and what you want to happen? Consider the practical and physical limitations or requirements of some trans bodies. Some people who are post-surgery might find penetration more difficult — their genitals might be extra sensitive, you might need to be especially gentle or you might need lots of extra lube.

Urethral rerouting allows people to be able to stand up and urinate but not everyone wants that. Some might have inflatable pouches or internal rods, that can make the penis erect. It all comes down to experimenting and communicating.

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While every trans person is different, trans people may like to be treated as the gender that they are. Not all people will want this so communicate with the person. Just like how everyone is uncomfortable with some parts of their bodies, trans people are no different. Photo by Paloma A. Fab article with some interesting view points. Mr DK Green knows their stuff!

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In my opinion this line is invaluable. Tweets by GenderGP. Our Help Centre. CW: Sex. This article is part of our series on trans sex education, and contains explicit sexual content. The same kind of thing for a trans woman with a penis, treat it like a vulva. Anonmous on 20th October at pm. Anonymous on 20th October at pm. Comment Name. Looking for something? Search for:.

Mum of a transgender child on Where does the responsibility for trans patients lie? Twitter Tweets by GenderGP.

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A trans man’s perspective on sex