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The call came in to police: A man with a gun chasing a naked woman at a. Friday in St. Witnesses reported seeing it happen at Charles Avenue and Griggs Street, and pointed out the man. Police identified him as Stephan Judo, 28, of St. Judo reported he was driving home from a bar when he saw a woman waving her hands on University Avenue, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday, charging Judo with terroristic threats and fourth-degree driving while impaired.

Judo told police that after the woman got into his truck, he believed she was a prostitute and wanted her to leave, but she refused. He said he pulled the gun to scare her out of his truck, but didn't point it at her, the complaint said. The woman, meanwhile, reported that Judo agreed to give her a ride home, but then pulled a gun and told her to take off her clothes and perform oral sex on him, the complaint said.

After she did, the woman said she grabbed Judo's gun and they wrestled. Police found the woman's red underwear and bra in the truck, the complaint said.

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Judo said the two did not have sexual contact. When an investigator asked him about the bra in his truck, Judo said, "he has no idea how it got there since she was fully clothed the whole time," the complaint said. The woman was arrested last year in St. Paul for engaging in prostitution, the complaint said. Police also found a drug pipe in Judo's truck, which he denied belonged to him.

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The woman "has numerous. The woman told police that in the truck, "Judo punched and elbowed her during the fight, but she was able to kick the horn several times to try to alert neighbors," the complaint said.

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One of the witnesses reported that she was sleeping when she heard a horn honk several times and then a woman scream for help, the complaint said. She and her husband grabbed a flashlight and ran outside, where they saw Judo chasing the victim, the complaint said. Judo had the gun and threw it into the grass, the witness said.

The victim grabbed it and threw it into the street. The witness picked up the gun and brought it to her neighbor's house, before it was handed over to police.

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Police saw the victim had a large bump on the side of her head and scratches on her arms, the complaint said. After she got in the truck, "Judo said the woman asked him what he wanted, saying that she was trying to make money and he figured she was a prostitute so he told her to get out, but she refused," the complaint said. Judo told police he has a permit to carry the gun. He said he pulled it out and held it close because he became frightened when the woman wouldn't get out and became aggressive, the complaint said.

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The woman pulled the gun away from him and ran from the truck; he ran after her because he wanted the gun back, Judo said. Judo's blood-alcohol concentration was 0.

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The legal limit to drive in Minnesota is 0. Judo told police he didn't think he was drunk, the complaint said. Trending Articles. Health News. Northland Outdoors. News Gun-toting man chased nude woman through St. Paul streets, witnesses say ST. Police identified him as Stephan Judo, Written By: news grandforksherald. Suggested Articles. Government and Politics. Businesses To Follow.

Nude St paul woman

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