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Age People hate entitled upstarts. I know because I was one. When I was 16 and working for my grandma at her bookstoreI staged an insurrection due to low pay. I went to the bookstore at the other end of the street and asked for a job. Think about it: who can begrudge a seven-year-old a raise? If you have a straight career pathwith no jumps, gaps or leaps, you will be in a race against all the other perfect performers.

Your age is the ifier of how fast you could get to the top.

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The younger you seem, the more of a workforce prodigy you appear to be. If you have a winding career path while you figure out what you want to be when you grow up, then you are constantly finding new, entry-level jobs. But the entry-level jobs most often go to the youngest person, in the hope that this is one of those prodigies who is going to have a straight career path. The older you get the more mistakes you needed to make in order to still be looking for entry level jobs. This is when your life should be closing in on you.

You could do anything! You can keep your options open longer by pretending to be at the beginning of this decade instead of the end. People will be willing to take more risks on you. The best way to keep that from happening is to be like Jessica Chastain and shave some years off your life. This is not based on anything but my own experience. But the s are pretty much right. For a great primer on these problems, watch the TV show Younger.

Which brings me to proposed solutions for agingwhich are, in some cases, less drastic and preposterous than that TV scenario. This is not controversial. Face lift. Breast lift. Hair lift. These are obvious and do them if you have that much money. So surgery is of course the best way to shave a decade from your life.

If you specialize then you do not have to compete against younger people. The more specialized you are—with a stellar track record, of course— the more immune you are from the young people nipping at your heels. Another tactic is to take a decade off your life on your. Just delete any job from more than ten years ago. And take the dates off your education section. But be careful: a lot of people do that, but then they give themselves away by being an oldster and not even knowing it.

So pay heed:. Take better selfies because Google never forgets.

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There are rulesbased on science. Use them. Good lighting. Soft filter. I was going to put this photo up top. Though maybe I mitigated that by following a bigger rule, which is have a Millennial edit your photos. So instead, for my picture at the top I used another rule, that I just made up, which is know your best body part.

Also, do those burrs stuck to my skirt make me look younger? A good question for an enterprising researcher. Speak their language. The Economist reports that after polling representatives of all three generations, it turns out that Gen Xers entering their 40s work much harder than Millennials entering their 30s. But nothing here is foolproof. And eventually the age thing catches up to you: I would never have guessed, in my 30s, how much attention I was getting in my career just because I was young and hot.

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I thought I was simply a genius. But they do want a more interesting life. And for sure they need to look younger. So they invest in crazy, fun, innovative entrepreneurs. So I found a solution: I go to as few meetings as possible. The older I get, the more work it is to deal with the investors in person.

So two weeks ago, I just cancelled. The investors looked at their calendars. They are busy. Looking took a while. They could both do it at the beginning of the week. So we did the meeting on the phone. I was in my pajamas. I was happy to be talking to them.

I like them. Good advice. Silent age discrimination is rampant.

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The dots-in-the-phone- thing made me laugh, though. How interesting. Can you imagine walking into a room full of 30 somethings with a full head of grey hair? Like P says, you can only fake it for so long. Medicine appears to be different. I also like to keep up with new and emerging trends and newer bands. Above all else, remember that age is just a. I know several people my age who are counting down the days till they retire. Very true. I struggle with this myself. I also think older people start to worry more about their health and decide to work out regularly again.

I am I was always busy with something in my life but always had to carve out time for fitness. Love love love this!

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I am so confused why you like this ageist piece if you are no longer young and still searching for your calling? Thanks Deidre. While I think it is good to be young at heart, reinvention can happen at any age, and if you still have a good years left in your career, why waste it thinking about retirement? None of us knows how long we have left or even if we will ever make it to retirement; we might as well try to enjoy life and our careers as much as we can. Enjoy the here and now! Thank you for this Penelope! It is so true and so sad at the same time.

Till the day when he realized that she is doing a lot of mistakes. It was just sad, to be part of situation like this. I try to stay relax, eat healthy, do regularly sport, have fun of what I am doing and enjoy my life. I think being professional, being a happy and self-esteemed person is a good way to win such a competition. And I hope that my genes are going to stay nice to me for the next couple of years! He injects his own face and shaves off 10 years.

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Yes, thats a good one, too. I think when it comes to monnikers, maybe Botox is the Kleexex of injectables. Philosophizing: I think the best approach is to use the right stuff for the right spot. Like, some spots you want to freeze and some you want to fill. Increasingly I find that its all an art form.

Professional looking for younger

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