Seeking friend to text with late nights

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Advancements in technology have their advantages and disadvantages. In many ways, it has simplified some of the most complicated areas of life. But in others, it makes the simplest things seem complicated. Communication is at the bedrock of any kind of relationship and text messages are one of the ways through which lots of people express their feelings to the people in their lives.

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They are so important and depending on how you use them, they can either help you strengthen the bond in your relationship. When it comes to dating or marital relationships, understanding how to express your feelings to your partner is very important.

People who make conscious efforts to openly communicate with their partners stand a higher chance at building successful relationships. For instance, when used correctly, texting can be very helpful for you to reach out and touch the heart of your partner or a love interest.

However, texting is a simple act that can cause mass confusion in many ways. Sending texts is a convenient means of communication, but they can also be misleading. Understanding the positives as well as negatives of texting will help you to know the best way to communicate with your loved ones. For this reason, people question themselves before sending certain text messages.

Among the most common doubtful text scenarios include:. These are only a few of the many questions that cross the minds of millions of people each day. One of the biggest questions regarding texting is one that many people ponder for hours before reaching a final decision. Why is this such a complicated issue for most people? It could be one of many reasons, but the most common is that the person sending the text may want to pursue something more than a friendship with the recipient.

You really value the friendship but are simply too busy to connect or see each other often. Trying to keep in touch with your friend who you do not see very often and maintaining the strong bond you both share can be very challenging for anyone. Juggling between attending to work demands, busy schedules and everyday demands- life usually just gets in the way. But the major advancements in technology provide tools that allow you to bridge the gap. Mobile devices and social media allow you to create a game plan that helps to maintain your friendships, regardless of distance. In just a few clicks, you can check up on your friends, send wishes and messages, or good will texts to let them know they are on your mind.

This way, you let your friend s know that regardless of the distance and busyness, they are still an integral part of your life. Staying in touch with your long-distance friend is something that should not be taken lightly, especially if the friendship means much to you. Every friendship is unique and special, however, maintaining long-distance friendships require more time commitment compared to a friend who stays just around the corner, or one you see frequently.

One very effective way to make these friendships work and keep the good vibes alive is by perfecting your texting game. First, it is important to have and show genuine interest in the other person and show sincere care for them. You can express this by asking questions about them, their interests, and their everyday life.

Another thing is to try your best to be consistent and reliable in your interactions with your friend.

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The other things in your life calling for your attention can make it easy to cut off communication abruptly, especially when it comes to texts. Being deliberate about keeping in touch can be as easy as punching in thoughtful words on your phone keyboard and sending to your friends. Here below are some text message scenarios to revive or maintain your friendship via texts :. To put it simply, a good night text is exactly what it implies, a text to say good night. They could arrive before a person plans to go to bed but as an indication that the sender is wishing you a good night.

They may also arrive after an engaging conversation.

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A good night text for her could mean more to her than you could imagine. Women, especially like it when they know that they are in your thoughts. It is important to maintain clarity in the message when sending texts. Checking on friends is what friends do, right? This one could be considered as the good night apology type text. Sometimes, a friend may be overwhelmed with the details of life. A good night text could encourage them to get some much needed rest. Friends often ask other friends to call them. This is a text exchange that occurs between friends or in relationships.

This good night text shows consideration to the recipient. This text shows your desire to connect with the recipient the next day. It sets the stage for something more than just a friendship. Stop torturing yourself, and let your friend know how you really feel.

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Keep in mind that true friends are rare. If you feel it will jeopardize your friendship, take precaution in the way you approach this conversation. Going through old pics and found this one of us. We would make a cute couple. If you want to know what your friend thinks about the possibility of a relationship with you, this text could be the best way to get an answer.

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Their reply would reveal if they think that there is a possibility for more than just a friendship. If bluntness is your thing, this good night text is for you. Let your friend know that you have romantic feelings for them by expressing your feelings in a text. They may feel the same way but could be waiting on you to initiate the conversation. There is a huge misrepresentation in text messages, because there is no emotion in texting. In-person communication works better for some people. This is especially true if there are issues or trouble in the relationship.

Due to the fact that text messages, in most cases, are more liable to be misunderstood or misinterpreted because they cannot accurately convey tone, facial expressions, body language, emotions, eye contact, oral speech, or face-to-face conversations.

The lack of tone in texts has caused some relationships and friendships to suffer hardships. How can you prevent misinterpretation in texts? It may not be possible to prevent it entirely, but there are ways to decrease the chances that a good night text to her is misinterpreted. Keep the texts simple. Keep sentences short to prevent any degree of uncertainty in what you want to say.

Be careful with abbreviations. Although text messages are mostly expected to be brief, it is however important to use basic terms and especially abbreviations that people are familiar with. You will most likely run yourself into hot water and out people off during conversations if you are used to making up your own terms or abbreviations or using uncommon ones.

Use basic vocabulary. Over complicated words or jargons is how some people fail to understand what others mean in their text messages. Be brief and accurate. Conciseness is the core of clarity. This is a good rule of thumb to follow when sending a text,or other written messages.

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Always be brief and to-the-point. Avoid the use of needless words, sentences, and clauses. Be careful with flirting. While text messages can be an amazing platform for flirting, it is important to exercise caution while at it. Be honest and sincere, and most importantly, exercise discretion. You do not want to get sassy, be seen as rude, or raise expectations that will hurt the person you are flirting with, or lead the other person on into something you do not intend.

It may not be perceived well if you misspell several of the words in your message. While spellcheck is important, there is some research that indicates a few misspelled words could help to deliver the intended message more effectively. Concreteness displays strength in texting. It helps you to send a solid message to the recipient. This is the type of message that is usually supported by solid facts. It prevents the text from sounding too vague and adds meaning to it. Coherence ensures that the message remains on target.

Most misinterpretations occur because of the inconsistency in text messages. The recipient should have no problem understanding the details of the text. Completion is necessary for effective communication, even texting. If you have a habit of sending incomplete texts, you likely experience many occurrences where your texts are misunderstood. Be sure to provide any relevant information when sending a text message. Completion in texts enhances the communication and prevents the need for the recipient to assume certain things.

When sending a good night text to her, use words that you typically use when speaking with them in person. When all else fails, remember the common rule and just keep it simple. Courtesy is a trait that all messages should display. Text communication is a convenience in many situations, but it can put a strain on some relationships. This prevents the situation from becoming worse due to misinterpretation of the text message. Texting should be a complement to other forms of communication and not the sole means of communication between friends.

However, sending a good night text can help to keep a casual or romantic friendship afloat. She is also very compassionate and encouraging. I was skeptical about using a counseling service, but this experience has been incredible. I highly recommend Shannon to anyone who needs guidance or help through a difficult time in life. I gave her some enormous challenges, and nothing has been over her head. She has been a tremendous help to me. Amongst all these, goodnight text messages stand in a world of their own.

However, the phrases you can use are nearly endless.

Seeking friend to text with late nights

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