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Diego Maradona front, center with family and friends in Villa Fiorito, Argentina, We have to fall back on the European tradition, why not? And bywhen Borges turned twenty-one, over half the population of his native Buenos Aires had been born in Europe, the result of a vast wave of late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century immigration.

For me, the myth of a European-only Argentina reached its breaking point last November, with the death of the soccer star Diego Maradona, arguably the greatest player who ever lived.

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He transcended the world of sports to become a figure of hope and defiance for millions of Argentines. It can be affectionate, but it can also be a term of abuse for a low-class person—one often used by anti-Peronists to dismiss their working-class opponents. But for those who lived in the shantytowns outside Buenos Aires, where he grew up, Maradona was a working-class hero. To his fans, his impudent virtuosity on the field was a way of thumbing his nose at authority and privilege.

Inwhen the Spanish carried out their first census of the Viceroyalty of the River Plate, Africans ed for 37 percent of itspeople. In some provinces, blacks made up more than half the population. According to official legend, the 6.

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From what or whom do the Argentines descend, then? Engraving showing the Dance of the Patagonians, Argentina, circa Erika Edwards, an associate professor at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, was dumbfounded on her first trip to Argentina in I was, like, What is this?

It was three and a half weeks before I finally saw a black person on the street.

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We eventually could communicate enough to know that she was from Brazil. In fact, the opposite. Where are these people in Argentina who should be looking like me? It was a question Edwards repeatedly asked the Argentines she met. They disappeared. How did they disappear? Determined to explore the question, Edwards returned frequently to Argentina over the next eighteen years, resulting in a fascinating book, Hiding in Plain Sight: Black Women, the Law, and the Making of a White Argentine Republicpublished last year by University of Alabama Press.

In it, Edwards writes:. Over time, I made two observations from this short and popular response. Argentina did not fit that model. Instead the image of Argentina remains an exception because of European immigration, which made it a white rather than a mixed country. If blacks disappeared, then they had ly existed. On my own arrival in Argentina in the s, having been born and raised in Washington, D. Other foreign visitors, long before me or Edwards, noticed this. Though color may improve, even in the most refined cases there persists a trace of the features that recall the true origin of many of them.

It definitely engulfs a lot of people, what we scholars call this notion of invisibility. This is not to minimize the way minority white elites across Spanish America often inhabit a different reality, self-segregated from indigenous and black peoples. In Chile, which shares a lengthy border along the high Andes mountain range with Argentina, people of mixed race are likely to self-identify as white, although Chile has a more varied racial composition than Argentina because of the smaller proportion of Europeans who migrated there.

Although they did not find imposing cities such as Tenochtitlan or Cusco, the Spanish did find numerous peoples living in what is now Argentina, when they arrived in the mid-sixteenth century. The Diaguita, who held a large domain in what is now northwestern Argentina, practiced agriculture, bred llamas, and were master potters and engineers who built canals.

They resisted the conquistadors until —more than a century longer than the Aztecs or Incas did. The region still bears their name—though the people were declared extinct by the new Argentine revolutionary regime that heralded independence in An advertisement for a young enslaved woman from La Gaceta MercantilArgentina, The formal abolition of slavery in that constitution, which took effect nationwide incame so late that slavery was by then almost nonexistent, as its drafters well knew.

To this day, Argentines take pride in an earlier anti-slavery decision, the Free Womb Act ofwhich ostensibly manumitted the children of enslaved people. But slave owners quickly found imaginative ways to skirt the law. Some took their pregnant slaves to give birth in Brazil, where slavery was not abolished untilreturning with those babies as imported slaves. Through this subterfuge and others, slaves continued to be offered for sale in Buenos Aires newspapers well into the s.

It was a maxim that I, growing up first in Washington, D. The savage is defeated, in America he has neither dominion nor lordship. We, Europeans by race and civilization, are the masters of America…Were it not for Europe, today America would be worshiping the sun, the trees, the beasts, burning men in sacrifice, and would not know marriage. At least, if only for this, blessed be the hand of Europe! And do you think that just by doing so he stops being a savage? And so forth. Alberdi believed in an immigrant melting pot, but only one of white Europeans.

Unwittingly, I, too, had bought into the European-only myth—the very same that Borges gave voice to when we spoke back then. Parodi approached the association for permission to photograph the event. Over time, I slowly began to recognize, in the music that I liked, in my skin tone, that everything I did was related to a certain black aesthetic. People of mixed race often pass as white in Argentina, and it helps to have been economically successful. Today, the memory of that practice has frequently been lost even to their own descendants.

Keep your family safe, keep moving. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Brasilia found that, on average, the genetic makeup of current-day Argentines was 9 percent of African ancestry, alongside 31 percent Amerindian and 60 percent European.

A majority of nonwhite genetic markers were inherited down the maternal line.

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Other genetic studies have found fewer African markers, around 4 percent, but with the same overwhelming sex bias involving black women and white European men. Historians stress two main factors behind this sex bias. InNovember 8 was officially deated the Day of Afro Culture. Today, it might seem more possible we were. Best of The New York Review, plus books, events, and other items of interest.

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Time to challenge Argentina’s white European self-image, black history experts say