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Jason Ringenberg is the former frontman of Jason and the Scorchers, the alt-country pioneers who were instrumental in paving the way towards music genres Americana and cowpunk. PB: Hello Jason, congratulations! It sounds great and I really like the variety of styles. Do you feel you will carry on in this mixed vein or are you moving more towards pure country? JR: Thank you.

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I have always been a hodge-podge artist, a load of this and a little of that. For certain though, the thread of pure classic country music does run through this album, and will always be a part of what I do. Do you think, whether subconsciously or not, you recorded this as a reaction to the tragic heavy Covid death toll in the US? JR: Subconsciously, yes. That song is at heart a profound statement of hope. I decided to record it after hearing my daughters sing it in our church choir. Will you be putting this out as a single?

It was the first song I wrote for the record. The Nashville music community is as inspiring as ever. It sickens me. Do songs in the main just occur to you, or do you have a general idea and then explore whether it will work or not? JR: Most often, the main lyric idea and basic melody happen at once. I woke up and sang it into my phone and then edited the stream of ideas later. PB: Some of your lyrics made me think of the wordplay of Johnny Cash.

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Has he influenced you in any way? In my case, I have always been especially influenced by Cash in terms of how he expresses spiritual themes in his music. PB: Are you a great reader? Who are your favourite authors? JR: Oh wow, that is a hard question to answer, and weirdly no one has ever asked me that! I do read all the time, these days mostly history. Like all post-European invasion Native American stories, it is profoundly sad. Another history author I love is Dr. We were classmates from age five on, and attended the same church. There were 45 total students in our graduating class.

We are lifelong friends and still regularly communicate. Another author friend of mine is Tommy Womack. If you read that book and still want to try your hand at music, you might have a shot.

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If it troubles or scares you, best try something else. You can hear it in the lyrics. For poetry Carl Sandburg is my favourite poet. He came from the same Illinois background that I did. His words shoot straight into my soul. PB: What are your fondest memories of playing here in the UK? Have you enjoyed visiting and playing here?

JR: I thoroughly enjoy performing concerts in the UK. You people seem to pull something extra out of me. When touring there as JR, I simply buy a rail pass and use trains to get everywhere in your lovely country. One writer called it the best concert he had ever seen. PB: Are there any British bands you particularly admire, old or new? JR: Hmm, that could take more space than we have here, but I am a fan of countless British bands, some you might find surprising. You people can do some picking! Do you plan to take the album out on the road after the pandemic?

Get your trains ready!! PB: Thank you Jason, and good luck with the launch of Rhinestoned. JR: Thanks right back at ya. I enjoyed doing this interview. Live Music. Return to xxxx Go forward a. Jason Ringenberg - Interview by Julie Cruickshank. Post A Comment Comment. Julie Cruickshank caught up with the alt. Keith How Kimberly Bright L. Interview The former frontman with cowpunk pioneers Jason and the Scorchers, Jason Ringenberg currently runs both a solo career and also one for one children under the moniker of Farmer Jason, He speaks to John Clarkson about trhe Scorchers, his non-stop touring schedule and his present work.

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