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What's new. New posts. Hamilton worst for sex services review. Thread starter repair Start date Feb 9, Moneylee : Full season wellness center: New girl big boobs High buttocks, deep massage Coco, Big breasted saucy naughty Ella,Enchanting sexy petite deep massage Mary. Yoyo is a lively person, tall and slim and knows how to relax you Weekend Saturday at Ocean Motion Spa.

W, Vaughan. On the east side of Yonge St. Saturday at Healthy7: Korean Teresa. Winnie Spa, Yonge St, 2nd Floor Elite Spa, Sheppard Ave E, PM available on request Or Ask about 30 min.

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Are you are looking for a XXX massage? She'll make you cum and cum ed Feb 5, Messages 41 Reaction score 0 Points 6. Been using the industry for about 20 years now from massage toescort and I have to say Hamilton is the worst in southern Ontario hands down. Ithas that old school mechanical service and prices sort of like the gas price fixing.

Best to by-pass Hamiltonand go to Mississauga or Toronto the odds of finding attractiveness with goodservice are much better. ed Jun 7, Messages Reaction score 45 Points Ten years ago Dave from Phoenix had this as 1 for all of North America. ed Jan 29, Messages 92 Reaction score 0 Points 6. Things were just as bad 10 years ago but thanks for thecomment either way. We all know each city has its bad apples masquerading as orangesand allot of massage planet customers are actually owners and pimps masqueradingas customers and this makes objective big picture reviews hard to do.

As consumers in a democracy like Canada we have the right tospend our hard earned money anywhere we see fit and new immigrants andespecially people visiting our fine country with cash to burn should know wherethey will get the best bang for their buck. Unregistered Guest. Same with the escorts. Yoi would be lucky to find one with all her teeth!!

We need to keep this one around top of list also. This is hilarious!! Down with brand names like embassy club and bring in some Yakuza Ass Mart and Triad Titty brand names. This town and many others in Canada need a total complete Asian invasion to fix this mismanagement of services issue.

The Tribe has spoken!! Top of the list for the weekend. This means that if you have ever sed thease services in hamilton ontario they are trying to kill you slowly and wih common ailments to go unnoticed. Ever had blurred vision vertigo or migrane sore knees or sholder ts. These are all symptoms caused by the industrial chemicals they use to slow pison you. They also own testing and dna labs, pharmaceutical manfacturing companys to support thier fraud scam. They own dna evidence, lab test resaults and the most recently discoverd manufacture of diluted chemo medicine that speed the cancer result up so they can collect insurance money on your death sooner.

Something to keep inmind when doing buisness in hamlton. It was bucks all told but like anything in life you get what you pay for Russian girls who are not too shabby Asian doesnt seem to last here for some reason. One in Burlington on Morris Drive is a horror show and one no name place on Brant St is very hit and miss and expensive It is what it is.

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It is what u make it is not is what it is. Remember that. Is the year of the snake maby tugging the tail will get it to expose its ugly head and I will see what I can make it is. This is correct the mob doesn't care how bad services are in hamilton becuse the make their money when you die of cancer or stroke and collect on life insurance policlys that you don't even know about.

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Good work to the poster just to bad law inforcment is so lazy to do anything abot this. Best to just give this town no biusness at all. Asian Tester Guest. North few blocks. Nice looking young asian girls. Wonder if the pimps know they are victims to this life insurance fraud also? Remember what Hamilton's realy after when u decide to spend your money go east of Oakville. This post should be at the top all the time. Here's the latest on the dego pieces of shit.

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They own most of the testing labs so that your illnesses caused by their poison scams go undiagnosed. They do homes when you are gone to work or away. All they need is your licence plate to start the process and they suck in young offenders to do the dirty work mostly but have a few older idiots working for them also. Cant wait till the asians take this town over and bring us some fair business. You suck hamilton. Always had and always will. You must log in or register to reply here. Log in. Forums What's new Log in Register. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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Sex forum hamilton ontario

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