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Please purchase a subscription to read our premium content. The most successful Columbia police prostitution stings and investigations, like those conducted at Vandiver Drive, were made through partnership with the FBI. Between andthere were only 20 arrests for prostitution in Columbia. The crooked mailbox at Vandiver Drive stands on the property Tuesday.

At first glance, the building looks like an ordinary house, but it has a history of disturbance. Seven warrants were served there between andmost originating from anonymous tips called to the police through Crimestoppers. A lamppost, power line and tree stand in front of Vandiver Drive. Just off Interstate 70, the house itself is unassuming. It sits across the street from a of car dealerships and is a walkable distance from a small shopping center.

Facing east, cars traverse the curves of Vandiver Drive on Tuesday. Barry Manthe, a tenant of the home on Vandiver Drive, that had been operating as a brothel, has been conducting similar business in Boone County for nearly 30 years.

The landlord of the house, who owns the properties for two other massage parlors that engage in sexual commerce, says he had no knowledge of his tenants' activities. His used car business is a few doors down from the house. A house at Vandiver Drive, well-known to some residents and local authorities as a brothel, sits in north Columbia.

For years, two tenants living in the house, Barry Manthe and Ronald Clark, had a piece of paper taped to their front door that read, "Come in. Limited resources in law enforcement and difficulty in discerning sex work from trafficking enabled a north Columbia brothel owner to exploit women in mid-Missouri for nearly 30 years. The girl had been taken by Kenneth Ronald Jones from her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and coerced to engage in sex acts for money. That led authorities to the house at Vandiver Drive, well known as the location of a brothel operated by Barry Manthe and Ron Clark.

While the news shocked the community, neither the house nor its operators, who were arrested and charged two months later, had been a secret to neighbors or local law enforcement before the FBI got involved. Because the teenager was a minor, there is no debate about whether she was trafficked. But for older women and former sex workers, the distinction is not as clear. Law enforcement must prove force, fraud or coercion in cases involving adult sex workers.

The difficulty in prosecuting cases, combined with increasing pressure to focus on other types of crimes, with limited resources has prompted law enforcement to ignore the activities at the Vandiver Drive brothel. The Columbia Police Department calls prostitution a low priority because of understaffing, except when trafficking is suspected or a minor is involved.

He operated in the open, along with more than a dozen similar businesses that once boasted hour massage services in Columbia. There were rumors that he was picking them up at the bus station and offering to give them a place to stay. He even circulated a petition in to prevent a rival massage parlor from opening up in his business area.

Police and private investigators' s of Manthe's whereabouts in the early s differ, but it is clear that at some point before when his landlord found him living in a newly acquired property, Manthe had restarted his business within Columbia Police jurisdiction. He operated with little interference from city law enforcement until his arrest by the FBI on March 30 at the Vandiver Drive house he rented with his friend and co-manager, Ron Clark.

Women who have stayed at the Vandiver location allege that Manthe and Clark dodged attention to their own illegal operation by tipping off police to their warrants. Boone County assistant prosecutor Brouck Jacobs, who prosecuted Manthe for promoting prostitution, said sex workers are not seen as credible enough to convince a jury, so many accused pimps can wriggle out of felony charges.

Chris Felten, the landlord who owns the house at Vandiver also owns the properties for two other massage parlors that engage in sexual commerce. He says he doesn't know what Clark and Manthe did there, though the house is just a few doors up the street from his own used car business.

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I have no idea what goes on there, no matter what they do. Statements made in police reports by women who worked at the house and s from former Boone County SWAT members suggest women who worked there may have often been too intoxicated to legally consent to sex. She says Ron Clark answered the door that afternoon.

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He took the whiskey bottle away from her. Alcohol made the women too lethargic. The other girls in the house gave her some clean clothes and did her makeup. Fenton, who said she was sexually abused asbecame a sex worker of her own volition in St. Louis when she was in her early 20s. She had already developed an alcohol problem, prompting her mother to take custody of three of her four children.

She moved to Columbia in and became a caterer at a Columbia restaurant, but became lonely and fell quickly back into alcohol abuse. She quit her job and started attending a nonprofit community health program called New Horizons where she met her now ex-boyfriend.

She was serving parole for a charge related to marijuana distribution. Her parole officer noticed her increased alcohol use and offered to send her to a rehabilitation program in Bethel, Missouri. Fenton said her boyfriend threatened to kill himself when she said she wanted to go to rehab. Fenton said Manthe used the rest of the profits he made from the women, who were often too intoxicated to consent to sex work, to pay rent and stock the house with groceries and condoms. She was never physically injured by Manthe or Clark, she said, but she lived in fear of more forceful customers.

Saturdays were the busiest, so she learned to hate the day. It was just really scary, and I felt like to keep my place on the couch or in the house I had to be available. Between andseven warrants were served at the house, according to Columbia Police reports obtained through the Sunshine Law. The calls often came through Crimestoppers, an anonymous line that pays informants for any tips that lead to arrest.

Fenton said she saw Clark tip police off to her warrant the day she was arrested. Columbia Police Officer Mark Hoehne responded to the report of a woman with a warrant who was working as a prostitute and using methamphetamine at the house. When he arrived on the scene, Fenton broke down. I thought I was already like two years older, but I was only there for like three or four months. Fenton again gave the police a fake name, but Hoehne recognized her from a photo and checked her tattoos against police records. She spent the next five days in the hospital detoxing from alcohol, heroin and methamphetamine before she was transported to the Boone County Jail.

The report did not specify who had injected her with the drugs. Jason Jones said last year in an interview about the brothel. In a interview, Officer Mark Fitzgerald, who patrolled the Vandiver and Paris Road areas at the time, said he knew the house was one of a few brothels in the area.

It just didn't take precedence over calls for service. The department has been understaffed in recent years, with as few as 14 cops on patrol and limited resources for investigations. Fitzgerald said even prostitution stings are difficult for the department, so the police generally conduct or participate in just one or two per year. Trafficking investigations are even more time consuming and must prove force, fraud or coercion were employed to keep a victim working against her will. At the time, Fitzgerald said he believed that public perceptions of prostitution being a "victimless crime," may be the reason dispatch doesn't hear about it.

In the absence of calls for service, Columbia patrol cops have less interaction with sex workers who might be at risk. He is now a detective at the Columbia Police Department. He said that in his new position, he is more aware of how strained resources play a role, too. It boils down to the resources required versus the outcome.

Columbia arrests for prostitution going back to are low. There were 11 prostitution arrests inone ineight inand none in The most successful Columbia police prostitution stings and investigations, like those at Vandiver, were made through partnership with the FBI. Columbia Police partnered with the FBI in a prostitution sting that resulted in the arrest of three women and each of their alleged pimps, one of whom was Barry Manthe. The probable cause statement said that Manthe drove Charlotte Hollingsworth to the Holiday Inn on Port Way to meet a client — an undercover police officer.

Each woman arrested in the sting was convicted for some form of prostitution.

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The charges for promoting prostitution stuck to the only female pimp, Ebonie Brooks-Lewis, whom Fenton and other women from the brothel say used to work with Manthe. Brooks-Lewis had been ly arrested as a prostitute along with six other women in a sting. This time, Boone County assistant prosecutor Jacobs said, the woman she drove to the hotel took a deal to reduce her own sentence by turning her in.

Manthe pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor trespassing charge on Dec. But, Jacobs said, had Hollingsworth cooperated, it still might not have been enough to convict Manthe. For one thing, she is participating in a crime. A jury in a criminal trial would also be told if a prostitute who testifies has prior convictions. It sets a high bar for prosecutors to make a case against a known trafficker, and when traffickers go free, it sends a message to the police. Watching traffickers go unpunished has frustrated some older and retired law enforcement officials who say they have watched guys like Manthe operate with impunity.

Columbia Police Sgt. He was an example of someone who would get arrested, get out of jail that night or the next day or get out of prison and go right back to it. At the time, brothels, escort services and massage parlors were not uncommon. In there were more than 15 such establishments in Columbia and Boone County. Most of them were located along Interstate Ted Boehm, the Boone County Sheriff at the time, began to target the brothels because they became dens for other crimes.

The Boone County Sheriff's Office used search warrants to raid the the brothels and massage parlors. The warrants allowed the SWAT team to enter establishments, seize evidence and make any appropriate arrests. He bought the Shogun Sauna property in and claims Manthe moved out six months later, but allowed the massage parlor, now operated by an elderly woman named Ki Sun Hyatt, to stay. Inhe bought a car lot from Advantage Motors on Paris Road with his former business partner.

The Paris Road property eventually became Foxy Sauna, another massage parlor that engages in sexual commerce, according to online reviews of the place on forums and online advertisements. Felten acquired the Vandiver house — a few doors up the road from his auto shop and Shogun Sauna — in with the purchase of a neighboring property.

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He's inconsistent when asked when he realized that Manthe and Clark were operating a brothel. He also questions the story about Jones trafficking the teenager from Milwaukee and was skeptical about Manthe and Clark's power over the women. Some year-old men?

Have you looked at the pictures of those guys? I mean they're weak and frail. In some cases that invitation was taken literally. The house has been broken into several times. But the invitation, alongside numerous Back advertisements, was directed at a more dangerous clientele. They show less concern for the women they pay to be with, rating and reviewing their behaviors and their bodies on the internet in graphic detail. Jones is still being detained until his trial date in May.

He is facing an eight-count indictment for transporting a minor across state lines, for illegal sexual activity and sex trafficking of a minor. Although he was charged only with sex trafficking a minor in the initial criminal complaint, additional charges for trafficking two older women were added to his indictment. She wants to use her new skills to become a secretary at a church and someday move to be closer to her mother and children. After two years in prison, she will soon be released. She will move into a transitional housing program where she will have the opportunity to work with other women who are victims of trafficking.

She said she was pleased to hear that Manthe and Clark were arrested and hopes the house will be shut down, though both men have since been released on bond. Fenton says being arrested delivered her to the real refuge she sought. She says she isn't defined by her past and hopes to be a voice advocating for other women. Supervising editors are Mark Horvit, horvitm missouri.

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Sex personals first 1 Columbia Missouri

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