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Barrie was purported to have said. For the crop of fathers of girls currently inhabiting our screens, daughters are actually quite a lot of trouble. The father-daughter relationship has long been a staple of feel-good comedies and feel-sad weepies, usually featuring a preposterously cute female offspring teaching her father a thing or two about letting go, or girl-power, or what it really means to be brave or tough or despicable. But recently, the relationship has become fertile ground for action movies, with flawed fathers who go to extreme lengths to protect, rescue or secure their daughters, often to make up for some parental failing in the past.

These movies arrive at a transitional time for fatherhood. Long gone are the images of the stoic breadwinner or the heartless disciplinarian, and the bumbling Mr. Mom-figure is a joke that has worn wafer thin. But no new model of fatherhood has emerged as the dominant paradigm. So perhaps it is no surprise that the screen fathers of the current era find themselves, like they might have in the delivery ward, at a bit of a loss as to how to be useful, and perhaps even superseded in importance by their offspring. He adores his wife and daughter but is estranged from his own father, played by the forever watchable J.

Simmons, a loner long on technical ability and short on pro-social impulses.

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After Forester reaches the future, he realizes he is not the husband and therefore father he thought he was and that his daughter has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams despite—and not because of—his involvement in her life. He has to find a way to change his direction, while also wiping out aliens spoiler alert: he crushes both chores, with help from his dad and his wife and the usual doomed black guy. Research has long shown that fathers have a specific role in the raising of sons, but recent scholarship has also noted that fathers have a ificant influence on daughters.

A textbook case of this dynamic is depicted in Flag Dayout Aug. In a cute reversal, Penn directs and plays a substandard dad in a movie that gives his daughter her biggest acting role to date. He vows revenge, but his violent actions threaten the safety of his daughter, Rachel known also as Ray and played by Isabela Mercedwhom he has ly trained, just coincidentally, in his no-holds-barred fighting techniques. Even when all is lost, what matters to these men is the welfare of their children.

Another recurring theme is the sense of guilt and shame with which these modern fathers struggle. He flies to Marseilles, France, to visit his estranged daughter, Allison Abigail Breslinwho has been in prison for several years after the highly-publicized murder of her girlfriend. While there, with the aid of a single-mom experimental theater actress those crazy French!

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He forms the kind of bond with Maya that he never had with his own child, because of his prior alcoholism and general absenteeism. He picks her up from school, teaches her how to use tools, learns French from her, takes her to sports events she loves.

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In the end, Baker makes the situation worse for nearly everyone, especially those he leaves behind. And in trying to save his child, the well-meaning Baker endangers the welfare of an even more vulnerable child, and obliterates any chance he has to do actual fathering.

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Sweet dad looking for mom

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