Virgin seeking fwb

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I ended up really clicking with this guy and we have been talking pretty much non-stop. I really feel so comfortable with him. As much as I like him and could honestly see myself going out with him, I am also kind of interested in a friends with benefits situation.

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I will take anything. I am starting with a blank slate, so seriously, anything helps. I say forget about sexuality entirely and just hang around for a couple months. Are you sure you want your first experiences to be with someone who has no desire for a relationship? If you are, you can see how things go with this guy. But honestly him being super respectful and flirty and then dropping the "I don't want a relationship" thing makes him sound like a very skilled player who's got manipulation down to a science to the point that he comes off sounding like the nicest guy you've ever encountered but he really just wants some strings-free hook ups.

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It may be extra appealing to him to be your first at things. It's unlikely this dude is a princemore likely he just wants to tick the "trained a virgin" box off his list. If you're okay with being that for him, go for it. If not, keep searching. Dump him he'll just use you for sex and you'll be on reddit asking why he doesn't want you to be his girlfriend, please see the red flags and move tf on. If not, meet him. Start with cuddling for a few times. Do you still feel extremely comfy around him, go for it.

Insecurities, maybe wishes or no gos That's how I lost my v card. No regrets and I enjoyed it and still do. Most people will advise against it but I'm not one of those people. As long as you're honest with what you want and who you are, there shouldn't be too many issues with having an FWB.

Yes it could be true that he bounces out the second he has sex with you, but also might find a sexual friend that you can practice with until you meet the person of your dreams. My advice: be honest. Never lie about your feelings, experience, or desires.

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Have lots of sex. I really appreciate this. If he wants to have sex then never talk again, it is what it is. Thank you!

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Virgin seeking advice for FWB. Posted by 4 months ago. Thank you all in advance! Sort by: best. Reply Share. I appreciate the response, thank you. Continue this thread. Thank you, I appreciate the advice. If you have feelings for him, don't start anything. More posts from the sex community. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges. No exceptions. Created Jan 25, Back to Top.

Virgin seeking fwb

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