Wanting to charm you

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Men are five times more likely to fall in love with a woman who is charming than a woman who is not. To become charming, you can follow actions steps, but what is important is the psychology of a charming woman. Just take a moment and visualize a woman whom you think is charming. Can you think of one?

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It can be a famous lady or it could be someone you know — a good friend. Perhaps your best friend. It could be a man. Some men are really good at being charming.

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Although, I tend to associate charisma more with men, and charm more with women. Almost like a God-given talent. Charm is defined as a power of pleasing or attracting, as through personality or beauty; any action supposed to have magical power; to delight or please greatly by beauty; attractiveness; enchant. At a very basic level, all humans have it in them to please, be attractive to and enchant other human beings.

Because at some level, we are all the same. We all have an unsaid and unseen understanding, in one way or another even though we tend to segregate people in society. We all have the same basic human needs, and we all experience pain and pleasure of some sort; even though we are all clearly so different. Well, you will see in the steps I give below, but charm is incredibly important in life. It endears you to others, thereby creating a deeper connection and allowing you more influence. Not only this, but it attracts people to you — men, women and children alike.

Being charming allows you to bring people joy, ecstasy, laughter, fun and to touch their lives in a special, exciting way. And for you? Well, being charming will help you become a very memorable woman ; friend, colleague, lover, mother, daughter, and member of society. All the shapes of woman you can think of. If you are always stressed, your magical effect will definitely be suffering.

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This is actually one of the keys to making a man love you more. Just to have the ability to laugh at yourself, rather than trying to be right, or indulging intense defensiveness as your default state. Just let go, be free and really laugh. If you have a funny or odd laugh, so be it.

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That makes you even funnier. After all, everybody is weird. Sometimes, the key to seeing the humor in things is to be in a humorous, light-hearted, happy mood to start with. The more you worry about these things, the less you will endear yourself to others. This sucks energy from others, rather than allowing your magnetic and magical abilities to flow. A charming woman has the ability to move on when necessary. Again, easier said than done. But so worth the effort!

Instead, focus on using the power that you do have. You can influence others with good intentions, and you can care more and therefore be more attuned. Ultimately, these paths are a better bet. The more you worry about their thoughts about you, the more you become a leech and a burden on their life.

Life is really, really short. Everybody is already judging you anyway. People are always making judgments about you! Sometimes, you may just happen to annoy people accidentally. It happens to everybody. No one is immune to this! And it has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them. Strive for nothing! Be nothing, and think nothing. Just be completely useless! But guess what, people will judge you for that, too!! These kinds of people are not charming.

Bounce back on the level of others. What do I mean? Ask them about it; try to understand. Is your man serious about committing to you? What can I do right NOW that will make me feel free and lighten up? What would I need to think, believe, feel or do right NOWto begin seeing the good side of this situation? Finding the positive meaning in everything is the ability to add value to yourself and others especially when it matters. When does it matter most? When others are low on their emotional resources and you become their beacon of light. Whenever you meet, engage with, or see someone, maintain eye contact.

Listen and be attentive. Have you ever been saying something to someone, and they look like they are off in space, and you feel like a bit of a donkey for speaking whilst no-one is listening? By the way, people are able to do this due to a thing known as the phonological loopa part of the brain that takes whatever is coming into your ears, and it plays it over and over again for a few seconds in your head after you hear it.

There you have it. A lack of presence negates charm. Again; maintain eye contact, listen and be attentive. The first type of charm is the kind of charm that comes from focusing solely on others. The second type of charm is the kind of charm that comes from focusing on yourself. Like the kind of charm psychopaths tend to exhibit! Think about it. Admittedly, great charm comes from a focus on others. But a truly charming woman has the ability to be both without trying to prove anything to anybody. Because they still manage to engage people.

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They are generally able to make people feel GOOD. People who are able to be charming through a focus on themselves often draw you in further to them through their self-focus, and ability to make fun of themselves or intrigue you. Be aware of the two kinds of charm, and choose wisely. But ultimately, if you truly care for others, you can use either charm and be in a win-win situation. Have FUN!! You pinch their face, and they laugh! You clap your hands, they laugh! You make a silly face, and they laugh, and laugh and laugh! And you want to be around this baby because he or she makes you feel GOOD!

Next time you see a puddle, jump in it, instead of bitching about it.

Wanting to charm you

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