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Thank you for printing this from the City of Raleigh's Official Website www. The Procurement Division is responsible for the overall conduct or oversight of all purchases of City of Raleigh equipment, supplies, and services. The City of Raleigh Procurement Division strives to provide all suppliers an opportunity to bid on goods, services, and construction projects. The Raleigh Supplier Connection is the single source of information for companies looking to do business with the City of Raleigh. The information provided during the registration process will increase the visibility of your company to all departments.

The City Purchase Order Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases of supplies, equipment, and services and must be considered as part of any quotation or bid.

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Contracts for services and construction will have additional terms and conditions. The City of Raleigh prohibits discrimination in any manner on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age or handicap or sexual orientation and will pursue an affirmative policy of fostering, promoting and conducting business with women and minority owned business enterprises. In accordance with the City of Raleigh City Council Mission Statement, the City recognizes its responsibility to minimize negative impacts on human health and the environment while supporting a diverse, equitable, and vibrant community and economy.

For more information, view our Sustainable Procurement Policy. Some City employees are issued a City of Raleigh procurement card which gives them authorization to make certain purchases in accordance with the City's Purchasing procedures. The procurement card program provides a more rapid turnaround of purchases for low dollar value goods and reduces paperwork and handling costs.

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Currently, Bank of America provides this procurement card service for the City, and the cards can be used with suppliers that accept Visa credit cards. The City is required to pay North Carolina state and local sales taxes. Our purchase orders estimate these taxes; however, all applicable taxes should be included on your invoices. Standard payment terms are net thirty 30 days. Currently, the City of Raleigh is not holding auctions for disposal of surplus equipment. Most surplus equipment is now either coned to the North Carolina State Surplus Property Agency for disposal or sold by online auction via GovDeals.

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For more information, see Surplus Equipment Auctions. Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. Minority and Women-Owned Businesses.

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Sustainable Procurement. Procurement Card Purchases. Sales Tax. Invoice Payments. Surplus Equipment Auctions. Share Twitter Facebook .

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Water and Sewer. Was this helpful? Would you like to be notified by the City about your feedback? This feedback is reviewed monthly to help us improve our site. For immediate customer service please refer to our staff directory.

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