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The onramp to Interstate 81 overlooks the construction of the new port of entry on Wellesley Island on Tuesday. The General Services Administration is almost two years into the project. The current port of entry on Wellesley Island has six passenger lanes and three commercial lanes. The new port of entry will have 14 lanes for both types of traffic. Workers are constructing a virtual firing range and combat simulator for costumes and border protection at the new port of entry on Wellesley Island.

Workers are constructing the commercial inspection warehouse on the western side of the new port of entry on Wellesley Island. The left photo is a rendering of the new port of entry and the right photo is the original port of entry in the early s. Workers are constructing the office spaces on the western side of the new port of entry on Wellesley Island. Crews work Tuesday on building offices on the western side of the new port of entry on Wellesley Island.

After almost two years, what was once a vision is becoming tangible to Canadians and Americans alike.

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Tons of rock cliff that stood as high as 40 feet have been blasted into rubble for foundation and structures of concrete, steel and wood of what will become a new warehouse for commercial vehicle inspections, offices and other facilities now stand.

According the General Services Administration, employees of U. Customs and Border Protection and other federal departments should be able to use the new commercial building, which is only part of the new port, by November.

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Hughes, regional public affairs specialist with the GSA, in an ed statement. Officials have discussed expanding and modernizing the port of entry for 17 years so Customs officers can process vehicles with greater efficiency. A port of entry has existed at the edge of Wellesley Island since the Thousand Islands International Bridge system was built inbut the existing facility was erected in by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority. The additional security measures and creation of Homeland Security following the Sept.

Robert G. Horr III, executive director of the bridge authority, said new polices and limitations of the year-old port lead to traffic delays and congestion. Horr said.

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Hughes said. While construction workers build the new U. When asked why the U. Hughes said the U. The first and ongoing phase of construction, set to conclude next year, includes the new commercial inspection building with inspection bays, commercial inspection lanes and an impound lot. The structural frame for the new commercial vehicle inspection building has been built, although large sheets of plastic wrap cover opening for windows. Workers have also been installing siding on a portion of the facility and have begun building the non-intrusive inspection building. The foot-tall basement ceiling is lined with pipes to carry geothermal heat and cooling.

Openings have been formed in the commercial building for eight lanes and enough space has been allotted for officers to unload large commercial trucks and inspect them. Officers will be able to inspect up to seven vehicles at a time, while the eighth will be used for an impound lane. Workers have also built much of the first floor and mezzanine in the commercial inspection building, as well as several offices, storage spaces and other rooms.

One room will eventually house a virtual firing range for Customs officers. For the second phase of the project, workers will build a new main administration building, new non-commercial inspection lanes, a new outbound inspection facility, a new veterinary services building, a new non-commercial secondary inspection plaza and new non-intrusive inspection buildings.

Workers have already begun building the parking area, with a portion of its steel frame looming over the commercial vehicle inspection facility.

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It will also have spaces for travelers who need to stop. The current port offers only nine vehicle inspection lanes, six for commercial vehicles and three for commercial vehicles. The new complex will offer 14 lanes, including lanes that can accept either commercial or passenger traffic. Enhancements will also include more advanced technology. Tennant said. The of personal vehicles has steadily declined since from aboutper year to fewer than , the earliest data the U.

Department of Transportation has available. The of commercial trucks has steadily climbed after the recession back to more thanannually inbut slightly declined back to belowin The growth in border crossings from Canada in the past 20 years alone, as well as new security measures, prompted federal investments to update and expand the port, Mr. Tennant said Customs officers still process more thanpassenger vehicles each year as well.

The next steps for construction include stress testing the exterior siding and completing the first phase of the parking facility, according to a March update report from the GSA. Horr said the ability to process commercial vehicles faster with by having additional, multipurpose lanes at the port will improve commerce in the region.

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Wellesley island NY adult personals

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