Who wants to be the lucky guy

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An ambitious coffee salesman has a series of improbable and ironic adventures that seem deed to challenge his naive idealism. Monty : Try not to die like a dog. In. Play trailer Comedy Drama Fantasy. Director Lindsay Anderson. David Sherwin screenplay Malcolm McDowell based on an original idea by. Top credits Director Lindsay Anderson.

Trailer O Lucky Man! Photos Top cast Edit. Arthur Lowe Mr. Duff as Mr. Duff …. Graham Crowden Stewart as Stewart …. Mona Washbourne Neighbour as Neighbour …. Philip Stone Jenkins as Jenkins …. Michael Bangerter William as William ….

Bill Owen Supt. Barlow as Supt.

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Barlow …. Lindsay Anderson. More like this. Storyline Edit. Follows the literal and associated life journey of middle class Brit Mick Travis Malcolm McDowellrepresenting the "everyman", as he tries to make his mark in his so far young life.

He is able to make great strides in his traditional view of success by being what those in authority want him to be. As such, he achieves in a few weeks what it usually take years for others, namely having his own sales territory, the northeast and ultimately Scotland, for Imperial Coffee. He is also able to garner a plethora of fringe benefits from this job, including women throwing themselves at his feet. But he will ultimately face a struggle in class and authority warfare, which culminates with his encounter with the Burgess family, wealthy industrialist Sir James Burgess Sir Ralph Richardson and his daughter Patricia Dame Helen Mirrenwho Mick wants to marry, the former who is contemplating investing in the shady dealings in Zingara.

Mick will also find that the class struggle not only applies in his case in an upward direction, but also in a downward direction with the working class and the truly down and out. Through it all, Alan Price and his small combo act as a Greek chorus of sorts providing commentary of Mick's travails through song.

Smile while you're makin' it.

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Laugh while you're takin' it. Even though you're fakin' it. Nobody's gonna know Comedy Drama Fantasy Music. Did you know Edit. Trivia Malcolm McDowell 's favorite movie of all that he's made.

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Goofs A says miles to London where Travis is picked up. He has reached there by walking for a while from the military establishment where the explosion took place. The distance even from London to the border of Scotland is Miles. Quotes Monty : Try not to die like a dog. Alternate versions The original US release was cut by twenty or more minutes, the entire sequence involving the suicidal woman, roughly from Mick's release from prison until he meets the charity tea-wagon lady was omitted. This included one of Alan Price's songs. Connections Featured in Free Cinema Soundtracks O Lucky Man!

Written by Alan Price. User reviews 82 Review. Top review. Classic cinema that makes you stop, listen and learn. A coffee salesman takes a rambling tour of 's Britain. There comes a time when you think you know something about movies: What is good, what is bad, how things should go, how things should work, etc. Thank goodness a movie comes along now and again that says "no you don't - you know nothing! After a build up like that you might expect for me to say that this is a perfect film or that everything works.

But it doesn't. The story rambles and pauses, moves left and right and tries to keep the audience on its toes. The humour is mostly black, but very true to life. People are often selfish and acting for themselves - while Travis our hero - if we can call him that is quite kind and thoughtful.

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Like an Adam that has been put in to the modern world rather than the garden of Eden. I have seen this film twice. Like many films, once when I was too young to understand it. It is quite sexual graphic at times and that stuck in my memory for a long time. In one scene a black man plays out a scene at a sex club - and to this day I am puzzled as to what this represents. That the entirely white audience see the black as an entertainer to laughed at or cheered. That this is his only place? Most anything-goes films are comedies, and while this has plenty of black comedy, I see it as social comment.

Life has moved on from the 's, people have escaped their own class more, women have more of a role to play, people get away with things less. But no one can say - even viewing today - that it doesn't tell plenty of home truths about the UK. People that live outside the UK and never visit must be puzzled by what goes on here. I bet you would have to answer hundreds of questions if you watched it beside, say, an American.

Lindsey Anderson sees all authority as being violent, ugly and corrupt. This is the kick in the balls society that existed before CCTV in police stations and human rights acts. Where people were fitted up for crimes that the police knew they couldn't have committed. I never wanted to walk down a time tunnel to 's Britain and this film is probably the last tie I have to that ugly and desperate decade. Oh Lucky Man! It has something that few films ever have - instant cult appeal. You could watch this over and over again and not get bored with it, see something different and learn something new.

They should bring it back as a musical or a stage play. While not every scene works and not every tune pleases, it is cinema from another world that we never quite had - but might have had if only the money men of Hollywood hadn't made their ugly mark on the world. If you think film is about anything more than simple entertainment Oh Lucky Man! Details Edit. Release date June 20, United States. United Kingdom United States. Der Erfolgreiche. Bracknell, Berkshire, England, UK. Memorial Enterprises Sam. Technical specs Edit.

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Who wants to be the lucky guy

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