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Lyrics Artists add. Gone Daddy Gone song meanings. Add Your Thoughts 20 Comments. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment good song Potatoes on April 16, Link. General Comment Seems like some Pedopheila is going on here. Goukuh on May 31, Link. Totally brilliant Xylophone solo!!!!

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I love that the Femmes use so much percussion in their music Not entirely sure about the meaning though. Someone searching for love and not finding it? Anyone actually know for sure? General Comment I think it's about loss of innocence. Maybe a long lost high school love.

General Comment high school girlfriend perhaps. General Comment In respsone to Goukuh: Keep in mind that when Gordon Gano the writer and singer of the Femmes wrote the songs on the first album, he was either still in high school or just finishing, at the ripe age of On one of the albums, he actually says he wrote this song for some girl he gave her name, it was Stacy something I think. The song is pretty straight-forward. It's about a guy who loved a girl in high school, but either she graduated or he graduated, which means he doesn't see her anymore. Or, it could be about a guy who considers his high school love the one that got away.

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Bit of plagiarism. Here's the original version: "They tell about the way you Switch and walk Now I can see by the way you Baby talk Now I can know by the way you Treat your man That I could love you baby until the Cryin' shame" mars21 on October 20, Link. General Comment I saw the Gnarls Barkly video of this song and was paying so much attention to the video and it's I agree that I think it's about a high school sweetie who was 15?

I wasn't quit sure what he meant by when eyes turn blue so i typed it into google to see if I could find anything and an elvis costello song 'when green eyes go blue' popped up so I looked up those lyrics as well. In Elvis' song he talks about everytime he sees this girl he loves her so much that he can't even talk.

He goes on to say that even as time goes on, you may learn and gain experince but he'd rather 'squander' all his wits away because 'You brighten up my darkest gaze'. He wonders why the hell they didn't stay together and when the times get rough he still thinks of her to get through it and that he will always feel love for her.

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I then think the Femmes might have been trying to get across the same message and so put their blue eyed thing in The next verse is probably explaining that he can tell that she is unhappy and that she isn't in a very good marriage and that he still would've been better. LainyBainy on October 21, Link. Artists - V. Rate These Lyrics. We do not have any tags for Gone Daddy Gone lyrics. Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More Violent Femmes Lyrics. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. User does not exist. Incorrect Password. Remember Me. Now!

Yes! Its gone

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